Bistro Vine – French Inspired – Ala-Carte Menu  2018


Drinks to wet the appetite (or to just drink)

Kir Royal-South African MCC with Crème de cassis 65

Gonzalez Byass Jerez cream sherry 45


Oysters Served with shallot & red wine vinegar relish 28 each

Duck liver pate with cranberry jam & toast 80

Snails 6 snails cooked in a lightly curried cream & blue cheese sauce served with baguette 85

Chicken livers pan-fried with bacon, chilli, tomato & cream cheese 75

Pork belly pan-fried with chorizo, calamari, sweet chilli and cherry tomato 85

Pan fried calamari with cream, sweet chilli, egg noodles, grated onion and garlic 75

Beef fillet carpaccio- served with wasabi cream, rocket, tempura fried onion rings & soya soaked baked mushrooms 85



Simple salad of butter lettuce, parmesan cheese , coriander, spring onion, toasted macadamia nuts and lemon vinaigrette 95

Pear & blue cheese salad with avocado, tomato, red onion, pecan nuts, caramelized pear, blue cheese & rosemary buttermilk dressing 95

Bistro salad with rabiola cheese, butter lettuce, avocado, Karoo olives, cocktail tomatoes and cucumber 95


Main course

Moules frites– Fresh Saldanah bay mussels cooked in its own stock with cream, herbs, white wine, leeks, celery served with French fries & home made mayonnaise

Starter: 85     Main: 155

Steak tartar– Grass fed raw beef combined with egg yolk, fried capers, onions, Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce and parsley served with chips 135

Truffle linguine– wild mushrooms, mushroom stock, onions, white wine, cream, Parmesan cheese & white truffle oil 125

Seafood Linguine with cream, dry white wine, prawn meat, calamari, mussels & parmesan cheese 185

Cassoulet- A traditional bean stew with haricot beans, pork sausage, bacon, pork belly, lamb, duck and vegetables topped with panko breadcrumbs 185

Bistro cheese burger– Pure beef patty topped with fontina cheese and caramelized onions on burger bun with tomato & onion relish add fries or salad 105

Lamb rump– (300g) grilled & served with a coriander, parsley & lemon relish

(choose a side) 195

Bouillabaisse– (Our interpretation of this famous Marseille dish)

Mussels, calamari, clams, line fish & prawn pieces in a tomato, white wine, saffron, fennel and prawn stock gravy with stock vegetables –served with toasted baguette 225

Steak frites– Sirloin steak (300g) French fries & tempura fried onion rings with Creamy green peppercorn sauce or Café du Paris butter 165

Pork chop– Roasted with apple, mustard, soya sauce, honey and thyme served with mash potato & braised cabbage with bacon & cream 155

Duck confit– 2 duck legs cooked overnight in their own fat served with salsa verde, braised red cabbage & sweet potato 195

Deboned half chicken– Pan roasted with butter, rosemary salt & black pepper (choose a side) 145

Salmon– Seared salmon served on a lightly curried yoghurt sauce with mint pesto & lemon confit (choose a side) 205


Sides 40 each

Side salad /Green beans & almonds/ French Fries /Sweet potato chunks / Parmesan crumbed broccoli



Orange & Amarula crème brulee 70

Lemongrass pannacotta with berry coulis & candy almonds 65

Belgium chocolate tart with orange syrup 75

Pear & berry oat crumble with cream 80

Pear poached in red wine with spices served with dark chocolate sauce and toasted almonds 75


Dessert wine

Vergelegen ‘straw wine’          55 glass



Gin & Vodka                                                            

Tanqueray gin                                      24

Inverroche classic gin                           36

Hendricks gin                                      44

Stolichnaya vodka                                24

Grey Goose vodka                                44


1920 Portuguese brandy                      38

Hennessey VS                                     64

Hennessey VSOP                                84

Hennessey XO                                    188

VSOP Calvados                                   64


Glenmorangie 10yr                                 58

Monkey shoulder blended whisky             38

Balvenie port wood finish 12yr                 86

Laphroaig 10 yr                                      68

Talisker 10 yr                                        68

Lagavulan 16yr                                       110

Kavalan King Car single malt ‘Taiwan’      110

Bains Cape mountain whisky                   28


Stellies eike stout  440ml                      62

Mad giant pilsner                                   48

Zwakala naked ale                                    48

Zwakala mountain Weiss                        48

Zwakala Limpopo Lager                          48

Peroni                                                   29

Castle lite                                               28

Windhoek lager                                       28

Heineken                                               29

Amstel                                                   28

Becks zero                                                34